What’s happening in “the Smartest City on Earth”?

In 2016, CNN.com suggested that Yinchuan, China might be the world’s smartest city. Even then, these innovations and more were already in place:

  • Trash cans with built-in compactors. The bins also contain sensors that report when they are full.
  • No need for correct change to ride the bus. Facial recognition devices link to citizen’s bank accounts, resulting in automatic payment.
  • Healthcare often delivered and prescriptions ordered via online communication between doctors and patients.

On September 19-21, 2017, Yinchuan hosted Smart City InFocus. More than 800 delegates attended, representing 186 cities, 60 countries, and every continent. The conference offered education as well as inspiration, reporting on the proven best practices of smart cities worldwide.

Among the attendees, Alexa Stone, President, and Mital Shah Hall, Program Manager represented ecoPreserve. Their journey brought them to this exceptionally Smart City of 2.0 million residents, 744 miles west of Beijing.

The 80-page Yinchuan Special Report: Smart Cities is offered by TM Forum, a professional association of communications services providers, technology suppliers, and global enterprises. The free download requires some bandwidth but the report is packed with ideas and inspiration from cities worldwide.

More about the 2017 Smart City InFocus conference
More about Yinchuan, from CNN
Alexa Stone
LEED AP, Sustainable Facility Professional, Envision Sustainability Professional - - Alexa has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable and Smart Cities development. Her strategic planning work has served local, state, and federal government, higher education, and private industry. Alexa founded ecoPreserve in 2009 as a team of 3 and has grown the company to over a dozen of the brightest sustainability and project management professionals in the industry.
Alexa Stone


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