Saving expense while generating renewable energy

Biogas Plant

Most food waste is heaped onto landfills. Some is composted. We’re now seeing results from a third option which converts the waste into renewable energy.

An Orlando, Florida initiative enables businesses to send food waste for processing at a Walt Disney World biogas plant. Participating businesses place organic waste in a “green bin” rather than a dumpster. From there, it can be sent to a biofuel facility at less cost than having it hauled to a landfill.[1]

The $30 million biofuel facility can process about 120,000 tons of organic material per year at its “backstage” Walt Disney World location. That yields as much as 5.4 MW of combined heat and electricity from biogas. After that the pelletized remains remain useful as compost and fertilizer.[2]

The program has brought benefits well beyond the vacation kingdom. Since fall, 2014, more than 2.25 million pounds of food waste has been diverted from landfills as a result of the City of Orlando’s Commercial Food Waste Collection Program.[3]

Could your organization benefit from innovations in food waste handling, recycling, or other Solid Waste Management (SWM) best practices? Jessica Wright — the Project Manager who leads ecoPreserve’s Resource Lifecycle service area — can help you find those efficiencies. You can reach Jessica at ecoPreserve or use the green form on the Contact page and select Recycling/SWM as your interest.

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