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The General Services Administration (GSA) provides a free online tool for all office, commercial, and public building occupants. The Sustainable Facilities Tool (SFTool) may provide even greater benefit to Facility Managers and Construction Project Managers.

The SFTool graphically illustrates and guides the creation of building systems and high-performance workplaces. It provides interactive recommendations for ways to impact the large volume of everyday projects that typically lack involvement with design and engineering professionals. Users engage in experiential learning regardless of their knowledge level or location.

What it does

With the SFTool, users

  1. Find and choose sustainable materials
  2. View the relevant government requirements
  3. Ensure due diligence to building occupant needs
  4. Claim energy and water cost savings

How to get started

Visitors to the GSA’s SFTool website first choose from options to “Discover Cost-Effective Upgrades”, “Take the Assessment”, “Review Agency Best Practices”, use the “SFTool Product Search”, review the “Green Procurement Compilation”, and read and write about cost-saving experiences under “Share Your Story”. The upgrades tool makes an excellent first stop for those wanting to evaluate what is worthwhile based on a building’s size and climate zone. It brings up a grid of strategies, the estimated payback time, cost estimates, and cost savings.

That’s only a beginning. The site is content-rich and highly graphical. For an overview, check out the 2-minute video on the SFTool.gov homepage.

Alexa Stone
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