Recycle Right Quiz

Try this short quiz to see what you know about recycling right!

Today, the need to recycle right is greater than ever. The supply of recyclable materials is growing even as demand for reclaimed materials shrinks. As much as 30% of recycling was once sent to China. That has been reduced to 3 to 5 percent of its former volume.

(1 of 6) Which is true?


(2 of 6) Which is the best way to recycle plastic bottles and their caps?


(3 of 6) How can hotels and gyms dispose of soap fragments?


(4 of 6) Which of these ideas are recommended for recycling bins?


(5 of 6) Which of these items are often recycled through special programs, rather than at a Materials Recycling Facility?


(6 of 6) What do Materials Recycling Facilities do with plastic utensils, pizza boxes, and yogurt cups that have bits of leftover food?


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