A Smart Workplace means greater productivity

Free your office or industrial workspaces from mold and chemical allergens. You will see greater productivity in an optimized work environment. At the same time, look up to lighting improvements that reduce eye strain and further boost job performance.

ecoPreserve also finds physical risks. Our experienced team will champion your organization's initiatives of better lifting and heavy load manipulation. Smart approaches to repetitive tasks can avert musculoskeletal disorders. This reduces absenteeism and lowers healthcare costs.

Occupational Safety and Health (OSH)

  • Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) testing
  • OSH/IAQ program development
  • Exposure & risk assessments

Workplace Optimization

  • Ergonomics programs
  • Human factors evaluations
  • Product human factors evaluation
  • Lighting quality evaluations
  • I-BEAM audits
  • Office/industrial HVAC optimization

Training Programs

  • Training development and instruction
  • Safety program assessments
  • OSH/IAQ/Health & Safety classes


Essential systems support

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Orlando International Airport (MCO)

At the Westfield Aircraft Rescue and Firefighting Station, the building environment must support the effectiveness and efficiency of emergency services personnel. Optimized lighting, acoustics, environmental quality, ventilation, and room temperature are factors relevant to human performance at the facility.

ecoPreserve developed an ergonomics program identifying opportunities to enhance these factors and more.

Assessing and enhancing Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Business, commercial, medical, and university facilities

ecoPreserve has performed IAQ assessments at locations that range from familiar office environments to unique industrial settings. At each, the task was to identify, measure, and advise on contaminants which might include Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC), mold, lead, asbestos, and arsenic.

Workplace wellness

Central Florida and beyond

At many facilities, day-to-day operations require work in challenging environments. Often, repetitive tasks and the use of industrial machinery are required. Whatever the challenges, experienced and certified ecoPreserve team members will collaborate with you to identify and mediate risk exposure. We conduct facility assessments, document systems recommendations, and lead ergonomics training to meet your organization's unique needs.