City of Orlando to consider replacing single-use plastic at events

A policy soon to be reviewed by Orlando City Council would reduce the use of single-use plastics and styrofoam products at large-scale events.

Styrofoam and other plastics currently make up about 30 percent of the landfill volume in the United States. These products are NOT biodegradable meaning that a single use cup or tray can persist in the environment for more than a million years! That’s the epitome of wasteful design.

Orlando’s policy, if enacted, would mean that plastic products designed as one-time use items would not be sold or offered on City property by City contractors or permittees. The favored alternative would be the use of biodegradable, compostable, recyclable, and reusable materials.

The policy would go into effect on October 1st, 2019, allowing four months for current departments/divisions, tenants, and vendors to align their purchasing.

The city’s agenda review will be held on June 3rd, 2019 at the Orlando City Council chambers, starting at 10 AM. Please join us there if you’d like to provide comment and support for this policy.

Alexa Stone
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Alexa Stone


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