Quick Wins for Greener Landscaping

Today’s greenest landscapes are not those where the office is fronted by acres of emerald turf, with sprinklers popping up just in time to water the employees as they enter and exit the building.

Greener landscaping is possible with less lawn.

Be water wise

These cacti and succulent plants are great candidates for use in a xeriscape.

Use drought-tolerant and bare-root stock species in the design process as possible. Xeriscape-type landscape plantings can reduce the need for supplemental watering and save energy and maintenance costs.

Choose native species

Plants that are native to a region have the greatest chance to survive in that region. That can decrease the cost of replanting. Their needs for when to water, how to water, and how much to water will all be known to local landscapers. Likewise, their longevity and when to plant have already been established.

Installation costs of native plants should be less or equal to exotic plants. Maintenance costs will almost certainly be lower.

Catch the rain

Rain barrels and French wells have been used for centuries to collect water. The use of cisterns dates back to the Neolithic age!

A downspout and a barrel are all that is necessary to collect and store water for use during drought. A simple installation provides a free and easy water supply for outdoor use. Note that a lid or other form of cover is recommended to avoid an endless supply of mosquitos!

Your reserve supply will divert water from storm drains, reducing petrochemical runoff to streams and local water supplies. As you consider the use of the water from your building’s roof, you will want to plan for how it will reach the plantings where it is needed. Snow-removal strategies may also be in order. We in Orlando aren’t sure what “snow” is, but it does sound like something that should be removed.

When designing landscaping, even apart from building construction, businesses may apply for LEED credits. If that interests you, please remember that ecoPreserve is here to help!

Alexa Stone
LEED AP, Sustainable Facility Professional, Envision Sustainability Professional - - Alexa has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable and Smart Cities development. Her strategic planning work has served local, state, and federal government, higher education, and private industry. Alexa founded ecoPreserve in 2009 as a team of 3 and has grown the company to over a dozen of the brightest sustainability and project management professionals in the industry.
Alexa Stone


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