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Orlando International Airport

Ongoing Initiatives at Orlando International Airport

An article in the Orlando Sentinel on 1/13/2016 described the scope of Orlando International Airport (OIA) and its success with sustainability.

In many ways, the airport can be compared to a city:

  • Population 122,000 (104,000 daily passengers; 18,000 workers)
  • 7,200 cars
  • Three fire stations
  • 52 restaurants
  • 66 stores

If OIA were an actual city, it would be Florida’s second largest. During summer months, power bills run as high as  $1.8 million. At that scale, energy-efficiency offers massive savings.

The Orlando Sentinel Article cited a range of sustainability achievements at OIA:

  • Lighting has been updated with upwards of 100,000 energy-saving LED bulbs.
  • Water usage was reduced by 20 million gallons between 2010 and 237 million gallons in 2014 from 257 million gallons in 2010. Also in 2014, airport workers recycled 3.6 million pounds of glass,
  • 3.6 million pounds of materials were recycled rather than discarded in 2014.
Sustainable Orange County

Sustainable Orange County

Greater Orlando Aviation Authority Progress Update

ecoPreserve is proud to have participated in the First Annual Sustainability Report for the Greater Orlando Aviation Authority.

Sustainability Management Report
Green Works Orlando

GOAA’s commitment to sustainability aligns with Mayor Dyer’s green Works Orlando Program and Mayor Jacob’s Orange County Sustainability Plan.



ecoPreserve is honored to work with strong community leaders helping Central Florida become one of the greenest destinations in America.

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