Energy Efficiency Quiz

This short quiz focuses on ways to achieve building energy efficiency, including the use of three powerful tools that are available free online!

Better buildings use energy more efficiently. Utility expense can literally go through the roof when summer heat permeates and winter warmth escapes a building. Adequate insulation and solid roofing materials can avoid that energy loss.

(1 of 6) How can a building be certified as energy-efficient?


(2 of 6) What is the purpose of Energy Use Dashboards?

+1 point for correct and -1 point for incorrect answers.


(3 of 6) Which Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) program has saved building owners and managers over $250 billion in energy costs?


(4 of 6) Which online tool from the GSA helps building managers make energy-efficient purchases?


(5 of 6) Which online tool rates project performance in all of these: energy, water, waste, transportation, and human experience?


(6 of 6) Which online tool is most widely used to benchmark building energy efficiency?


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