One small step, helping an industry erase its carbon footprint

Jet fuel is a significant source of the human carbon footprint. Aviation emissions worldwide are about equal to those produced by all of Germany. Reducing waste and reducing energy use are the most direct ways to limit carbon emissions. Aviation is the first global industry to actively take on the challenge. They’re doing their part.

As individual travelers, we look for ways to do our part. Out-of-state travel presents a challenge. Sometimes, a phone call or online meeting won’t accomplish a business task. We are grateful, then, for offsets which reduce the impact of our carbon footprint.

How carbon offsets work

Carbon offsets allow individuals and companies to participate in funding projects that reduce green house gas (GHG) emissions. The projects take varied forms. These are carbon offset projects we’ve seen recently:

  • Forest restoration
  • Increasing energy efficiency of transportation or buildings
  • Update factories or power plants

The purchase of carbon offsets gives us a way to particiate in reducing the atmospheric greenhouse gas emissions. Anyone can purchase them, and they are not just for air travel. Carbon offsets can mediate our driving, our conference participation, and much more.

One important note: When deciding to purchase carbon offsets, be sure to verify the transparency of the organization that offers them. Commercial carbon trade is an emerging market. The quality of offset providers and projects will vary.

In keeping with our mission to live, work and play sustainably, ecoPreserve now purchases carbon credits to offset our business travel. We want to participate in reducing the impact of necessary travel on the environment. It’s all part of championing sustainability for our planet and people.

Alexa Stone
LEED AP, Sustainable Facility Professional, Envision Sustainability Professional - - Alexa has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable and Smart Cities development. Her strategic planning work has served local, state, and federal government, higher education, and private industry. Alexa founded ecoPreserve in 2009 as a team of 3 and has grown the company to over a dozen of the brightest sustainability and project management professionals in the industry.
Alexa Stone


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Alexa Stone

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