Smart Workplace

Often, employees are first to surface Indoor Environmental Quality concerns. Other times, a change in insurer requirements may trigger an assessment. ecoPreserve can provide a complete suite of Smart Workplace™ services. Choose the ones needed to optimize human factors at your organization.

We offer comprehensive diagnostic assessments that catch problems before they grow in size and severity. Mold and other contaminants have no odor and no immediate health effects. Diagnostic equipment, in the hands of our state-certified professionals, can detect contaminants long before musty odors and health complaints surface at a workplace.

Our licensed assessors skilled at performing both residential and commercial mold inspections. We provide quick-turnaround site assessments, followed by a professional report. The report provides actionable recommendations that are based on sample collection and analysis.

The problem with mold

Mold wall

You may have noticed that Florida is more often damp and humid than dry. We bring mold spores into our workplaces and homes throughout the long wet seasons. Every open door and window invites more spores to join them.

Sometimes before it is seen, the odor of mold is noticed. Sometimes before the odor is noticed, people experience allergies and more serious illness triggered by continual exposure.

Preventing or minimizing the problem

The University of Florida has published several suggestions to stop mold growth. Any surface that remains damp can harbor mold. Hard or soft does not matter. Mold is found on metal ductwork and fiberglass insulation just as it is seen on water-soaked fabrics and carpeting.

Keeping moisture away from these surfaces or removing it as soon as possible are essential to avoiding mold.

Is it time for an indoor air quality assessment?

Mold Inspection

If a storm has brought water into a building, or an area has been closed off and damp, you may first notice a musty smell. However, many instruments can better detect the problem than the human sense of smell.

At ecoPreserve, we specialize in indoor air quality assessments and are skilled at performing both residential and commercial mold inspections. Under the direction of a State of Florida Licensed Mold Assessor, ecoPreserve performs residential mold inspections with an outstanding record of professionalism and efficiency.

ecoPreserve has the most practiced staff for:

  • Quick-turnaround site assessment
  • Sample collection and analysis
  • Professional report and recommendations based on client needs

Our credentialed staff of experts includes a Certified Industrial Hygienist. This sets us aside from other mold inspection groups. A Certified Industrial Hygienist understands how to prevent hazards and health risks to those involved with physical labor. Mold remediation personnel are not immune to this! At ecoPreserve, we not only perform quality assessments, but also bring the knowledge essential to keep remediation teams safe. After remediation is complete, ecoPreserve provides homeowner assurance by unbiased evaluation of craftsmanship.