Facilities Plus

When energy costs are too high at an office, plant or store, FacilitiesPlus™ services from ecoPreserve will find the efficiencies and recommend any prescriptive maintenance needed to contain expense. To get started, consider establishing an ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager account. The no-cost software, based on U.S. Department of Energy guidelines and strategies, brings basic data essential for decision-making.

After an initial walk-through we identify opportunities for energy, water & solid waste cost saving measures. The accredited experts from ecoPreserve typically work as an extension of staff to develop goals, implement upgrades, improve the process, report data, improve community visibility and engage staff.

The greatest value and least cost for sustainability can be discovered when project blueprints are still on the table. Substantial opportunities can also be found in renovations. In either case, tax benefits should help offset costs. ecoPreserve often assists Project Managers in seeking the Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certifications. These certifications may qualify a building for significant tax incentives.

Long after the ribbon has been cut, the sustainability benefits ecoPreserve has found will return bottom-line rewards in energy savings and lower maintenance costs.

Better Building Investments

People who manage the budgets of offices and commercial buildings know about the cost of utilities and the value of recycling. There is good news for managers who want to minimize that cost and maximize that value. A series of well-defined and thoroughly tested building certification programs can help.

If you want your facility budget to reflect every advantage of sustainability, look into LEED, which brings Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design.

Over 200,000 professionals in more than 12,000 member organizations of the U.S. Green Building Council (USGBC) participate in LEED sustainability programs for greener buildings.

ecoPreserve has conducted LEED building certifications since 2009. We are especially proud to have assisted in the LEED Gold certification of the 2,900,000 sq. ft. North/South concourse at Orange County Convention Center in 2013.

Claiming the Gold

Conserving energy at the Orange County Convention Center (OCCC)

OCCC NS LEED Certificate2

The OCCC is the second-largest convention facility in the United States. In 2013, it earned LEED for Existing Buildings: Operation & Maintenance (EBOM) Gold certification. This made OCCC the largest LEED EBOM convention center in the world.

The North/South building was economically upgraded to earn recognition as an energy saving facility. A surprising amount of savings was generated from redefining set points, schedules and preventative maintenance programs.

A one-megawatt rooftop solar photovoltaic system now contributes power equivalent to the amount needed for 100 homes. Other quite visible upgrades include LED lighting and controls.

Water conservation indoors and out

Restrooms have low-flow metering faucets. Water conservation is no less evident outdoors. In strategically landscaping the grounds with Florida-friendly plants, which reduces fertilizer and maintenance costs while saving water. Further savings are realized through low-volume drip irrigation. 100% of that irrigation is reclaimed water.

An ongoing commitment


Sustainability continues in and around the North/South building with a full time Sustainability Manager and Utilities Program Manager. A robust green janitorial and waste management program remains active with all events and operations. In fact, the Facility as gone ahead to maintain its APEX/ASTM Certification and its ISO 14001 Certification for their waste management procedures.

The facts about green construction

As proud USGBC members, ecoPreserve is committed to professional support of LEED commissioning and re-commissioning initiatives. Our clients have seen that using less money in energy, water, and materials equates to saving money. The sustainability benefits we find for their building construction and renovation projects not only save money but also reduce carbon emissions and contribute to a healthier environment.

Business and Product Certification

Many industries now have their own green certification programs, whether they are for product manufacturers, services providers or small businesses. Let us sort through the “greenwashing” and guide you in the direction that is right for you. Our sustainability knowledge is widely applicable for managing projects such as:

  • Green Seal
  • Waste Wise
  • Water Star
  • ISO 14001 & 5001
  • Green Hotel Certifications & Green Key

ecoTip: Regardless of your desire for certification, we encourage you to take your first step with ENERGY STAR Benchmarking. Energy efficiency lowers operating costs and is the quickest route to a healthy return on investment. Contact ecoPreserve to learn how to benchmark your buildings today!