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What is a Green Team?

The idea of a corporate green team is simple, right? A group of employees unites to focus on shared environmental interests. The truth is that these teams are becoming powerful corporate mechanisms to inspire, activate, and engage employees in creating meaningful changes within a company.

From Frito-Lay to McDonalds from Adobe to Google, major companies around the world are birthing internal green teams that are developing and taking on everything from recycling behavior to energy management at the corporate level.

ecoPreserve works with companies, local governments, and institutions to facilitate the development of effective green teams and sustainability initiatives that produce measurable, bottom-line results and contribute to the organizations broader environmental goals.
Start your green initiative by contacting ecoPreserve for guidance in setting appropriate goals, developing key performance indicators and implementing an inclusive, strategic roll-out.

How do green building strategies fit into my organization?

During economic downturns, when increasing revenue is very difficult, the best strategy is often to reduce bottom-line expenses by optimizing operational efficiency.

Green buildings cost less to operate because they use less energy & water and produce less waste. They also provide a healthier work environment for employees and lessen environmental impact.

Whether you are striving to certify your building or investigating to incorporate strategies into your operations, contact ecoPreserve for guidance on how to leverage the fundamentals of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System for a greener business

  • As a first step, your building’s ENERGY STAR score is a critical benchmark for energy performance and determines your success for reducing operating costs and certifications including LEED and the ENERGY STAR Label.
  • Contact ecoPreserve to set up your ENERGY STAR profile, train you on how to maximize the use of ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager, and immediately begin tracking energy & water consumption, resource allocation and greenhouse gasses.
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