What cities are doing about CO2

Recurring smog and daily bumper-to-bumper traffic have made citizens as well as government officials aware of a problem. Cities are pollution sources. In fact, 70% of energy-related carbon dioxide emissions originate in cities.

Solutions are being considered worldwide. Sometimes, before the answers are clear the first step may be commitment to a goal. Within the past few years, U.S. and China cities have set combined goals of an annual 1.2 gigatons reduction in carbon dioxide emissions. That’s 2.4 trillion pounds.

Progress can be seen worldwide. That includes cities coast-to-coast in the United States.

Los Angeles

The Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (DWP) has budgeted $150 million each year to further energy efficiency. Utility workers provide facility energy efficiency recommendations to commercial customers. Rebates are offered to consumers as well.

The cost of energy efficiency is less that the cost of building new power plants. Carbon emissions are reduced along with those costs.

New York City

The Big Apple is looking even longer term to reduce greenhouse gases by 2.7 million metric tons by 2050. That’s the equivalent of 560,000 fewer cars on the road.

NYC encourages exterior lighting upgrades but has gone further in rules that apply to businesses. Facilities are being inspected, and companies must correct any faulty heating distribution systems.

As of 2014, annual U.S. greenhouse gas emissions were 15.1 trillion pounds. Many of the 37 urbanized areas with over 500,000 residents (including Orlando, Florida, the 35th largest) are already addressing the problem.

Alexa Stone
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