Solid Waste Management

ecoPreserve pairs inbound and outbound strategies. Together, these return value to every organization.

    We improve procurement strategies and material requirements.
    We identify the type and value of recyclable generated.

The combined effect of modified procurement, greatly reduce processing costs, and solid waste management reduces landfill waste and saves money.

ecoPreserve can help you find the value that is now headed to the landfill and return it to your budget or balance sheet.

Claim the benefits of sustainability

Our advisors hold multiple professional accreditations. They bring the environmental consulting skill set and experience to help you identify opportunities, develop programs, and manage projects to claim every benefit of sustainability.

  • Reuse more

    When an item is reused rather than recycled or discarded, one less item is purchased, taxed, shipped, processed, inventoried and stored.

  • Recycle more efficiently

    All recycling counters the impact of landfills and pollution. Efficient recycling can be good for the budget as well as the environment.  It minimizes labor hours and space requirements, both of which can be better allocated to business objectives. Transport costs can be trimmed while return value is maximized.

  • Waste less

    Waste review and the systematic process of identification, prioritization, and reduction of waste can result in organization cost savings. Savings can be found in every office and shared space as well as in outdoor landscaping.

  • Reduce disposal costs

    Garbage TruckThe ways that supplies, materials, and equipment are acquired, used and removed will impact waste disposal costs as well as environmental impact.

    • Diversion substantially limits the volume of materials to be disposed.
    • Purchasing options, including the quantities ordered and order frequency, impact obsolescence and expired shelf life.
    • Choice and scheduling of compacting, waste removal or incineration will further reduce costs.
An effective SWM program controls the generation, collection, processing, treatment, disposal and cost of waste in a highly regulated and space constrained environment. Implementing these strategies limits waste as more materials are reused and repurposed.