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The work of Green Teams

A corporate green team is a group of employees, formed to take on shared environmental interests. These teams can benefit the employee participants and organization alike by the change they accomplish and the participation they enjoy.

International corporations like Frito-Lay, McDonald’s, Adobe, and Google have established internal green teams that identify and take on everything from recycling methods and outcomes to corporate energy policies.

We have seen local companies, Central Florida governments, and institutions build effective green teams. Their sustainability initiatives have produced measurable, bottom-line results as they continue to achieve broader environmental goals. We’ve enjoyed assisting in goal-setting, development of key performance indicators that lead to inclusive, strategic programs.

Cost/value equations

Green teams address both the cost and value elements of the profitability equation. Green buildings cost less to operate because they use less energy & water and produce less waste. They also add value by providing a healthier work environment for employees and reduced environmental impact.

Whether you are striving to certify your building or investigating to incorporate strategies into your operations, accredited sustainability experts can guide how to leverage the fundamentals of the U.S. Green Building Council’s Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) Rating System for a greener business

  • An ENERGY STAR score for your building can be a critical benchmark. From there, energy performance can be measured. This leads to a successful reduction in operating costs. As results are seen, your organization may want to seek to LEED certification and the ENERGY STAR Label. Both are more than awards to tack onto a wall. They represent achievement in waste reduction and water and energy conservation. All of these can be seen on corporate balance sheets.
  • Consider setting up an ENERGY STAR profile. Training on use of the ENERGY STAR Portfolio Manager can maximize its benefit by true “fast-tracking” of energy and water consumption along with optimal resource allocation.
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Alexa Stone
LEED AP, Sustainable Facility Professional, Envision Sustainability Professional - - Alexa has more than 25 years of experience in sustainable development including local, state, and federal government, higher education and private industry. Alexa founded ecoPreserve in 2009 as a team of 3 and has grown the company to over a dozen of the brightest sustainability and project management professionals in the industry.
Alexa Stone


Helping organizations improve operations, reduce costs and achieve sustainability through data driven, efficiency focused, planning, reporting & certification.
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Alexa Stone

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