ecoPreserve Services

ecoPreserve is here for your organization! We provide a full spectrum of sustainability services that increase workplace efficiency.
Building Efficiency Waste Management IEQ Community Consulting Training

Building Efficiency

Are energy costs too high at your office, plant or store?

  • Claim the tax incentives and funding programs for energy efficiency upgrades.
  • An Energy Star audit brings you the facts essential for decision-making.
  • ecoPreserve’s accredited experts will configure metering to reveal needed data, then recommend ways to reduce energy and water consumption.

Solid Waste Management

How can recycling efforts become a balance sheet benefit?

  • ecoPreserve provides full ROI analysis, forecasting and tracking.
  • Our expert advisors will help you identify opportunities, develop programs, and manage projects to achieve sustainability success.
  • We’ll find the value that’s now headed to the landfill and return it to your balance sheet.

IEQ and Mold Assessments

Have Indoor Environmental Quality concerns been raised either by your employees or insurers?

  • Instruments can detect contaminants long before musty odors and health complaints surface at your workplace.
  • ecoPreserve has licensed assessors skilled at performing both residential and commercial mold inspections.
  • Get a quick-turnaround site assessment, followed by a professional report and recommendations based on sample collection and analysis.

Community and Government

Where can sustainability bring value in public building, airport, and convention center projects?

  • Green construction experts can partner with project teams in seeking LEED certification
  • ecoPreserve has seen gains achieved through informed materials selection, waste management, and diversion from landfill.
  • We can initiate or work with existing Green Teams to find continuous improvement during construction and in ongoing operations.


Which sustainability benefits will you claim at your workplace?

  • A site assessment with EcoPreserve will reveal needs and opportunities that increase efficiency and improve work life.
  • Boost your corporate standing with customers and stakeholders.
  • Implement proven best practices as our teams collaborate to seek LEED for Existing Buildings Operations and Maintenance (LEED-EB O+M) certification.

Training and Certification

Who in your organization can benefit technically and professionally from sustainability training and certification?

  • ecoPreserve deliver skill-development and recertification programs either online or on-site.
  • Based on your goals and after a benchmarking analysis, we estimate and document Return On Investment for industry-standard and custom training programs.
  • Our acclaimed instructors bring experience and essential certifications to each class session.